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Our new, top of the range apparel line is here.

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Introducing our S-Grip Socks!

Grip socks are the new technology sweeping global sports. Our new S-Grip Sock range are a combination of comfort and quality, so that when your athletes hit the court or field, they will be able to perform at their highest.

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Australian Manufacturing at Struddys

Ever wonder how your jerseys or school sports uniforms are made?

Here’s how we do in our Australian manufacturing facility. Struddys uses the highest quality materials and the latest manufacturing technology to ensure you get the best garments possible.
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A bold new look for Struddys

June 1st, 2022

Struddys unveils a bold new look.
With this comes our expansion into new sports and clubs across Australia and the world. No matter what sport you play, Struddys has you covered.


2023 Rugby League Collection

Struddys was born through its connection to Rugby League. We understand the sport better than any other sportswear manufacturer. With the largest range of Rugby League on-field and off-field gear, Struddys has your players, coaches, staff and fans covered.

2023 Touch Football Collection

Every night on every field, there is someone playing in Struddys. No matter your price range, or how quickly you want your gear, Struddys has the right solution for your your touch team.

2023 Netball Collection

With nearly 50 years of experience, Struddys netball gear is unmatched. Developed in collaboration with players playing at the highest level, you know your team is getting the best gear possible.

2023 Rugby Collection

Bringing together 47 years of experience to develop the best Rugby jerseys and uniforms in the market. Struddys On-Field Rugby Union range includes 4 Jerseys, Rugby Match shorts and Elite Socks. Each customisable to suit your club colours and requirements.
Expand your kit with custom off-field, training and winter wear for your players, coaches, staff and fans.

2023 Cricket Collection

T10, T20, One Day, or Test, whichever your format, Struddys has the gear for you. Designed specifically for those gruelling hot days, our Cricket gear is UPF 50+ rated, moisture-wicking and breathable.

2023 Football Collection

Design your own Jerseys, shorts and socks with Struddys. Our dedicated football playing kit is made from our exclusive S-TECH fabric and designed to help you play your best. Expand your kit with custom off-field, training and winter wear for your players, coaches, staff and fans.

2023 AFL Collection

Australia’s largest custom apparel manufacturer understands Australia’s most popular sport. Struddys jerseys and guernseys are designed for optimal comfort and performance. Our AFL gear is lightweight, durable, and fully customisable to suit your team or club’s needs.

2023 Basketball Collection

Wear the best, be the best. Choose Struddys for your custom Basketball uniforms and get that elite feel and look on the court. Have your personalised design come to life. Our team of experts will assist with your customizable Basketball uniform design to ensure you have a uniform that you, your players, staff and fans will love. Learn more at