Our Sustainability Purpose:

Our purpose is to improve sustainability and inclusiveness, leading the way when it comes to access and sourcing of responsible apparel. We're committed to supporting communities and helping to grow sport while protecting the planet, one garment at a time.

What We've Achieved (So Far)


We've worked hard to create a recycled polyester garment material option we have named 'EcoFlex'. EcoFlex is designed to help make the world a cleaner place through garments that are 100% made out of recyclable, plastic bottles. There is no difference in the look, feel, durability, or quality of our recycled polyester option and can be used for Polos, T-shirts, and Singlets. Each shirt roughly recycles 8-10 plastic bottles which we believe is a far better option than throwing them into a landfill.


Our branded garment bags are compostable and biodegradable, which means that our customers don't need to worry about harming the environment with toxic waste when disposing of packaging.


At Struddys we are committed to supporting diversity in the workplace and our community.
We have a focus on women's rights and representation, investment into indigenous staff representation, and a focus on fostering future talent within the company.

We are proud to say that women make up 62% of our workforce, and 60% of our leadership team, as well as Indigenous employees making up 12% of our staff.


Equality to us is a cornerstone to our company values. This includes building equitiable practices in our recruitment processes, as well as supporting our current staff with opportunities to pursue leadership positions and roles within the company.

We have a focus on equality in all aspects of our company systems and outcomes.


Struddys are continously looking to create more inclusive practices to empower the Struddys workforce and our community.

This includes our RAP (Reconciliation Action Plan) which has been developed and put in place for Indigenous career pathways and other inclusive programs within the company.

Our Path Ahead


We are focused as a company to ensure that our sourcing is responsible and in line with national and global guidelines. This includes: - Supply Chain Transparency - Human rights and labour compliance - Targeted gender equality in our supply chain - Support our suppliers with up-to-date resources - Supporting Australian based and Australian made suppliers


Our plan to help protect the planet is to move towards less environmental impact by targeting waster management through using sustainable methods in product development and manufacturing. To do this, we will be making big strides forward on our journey towards zero waste by reusing existing plastics, yarns, and textiles to create new, sustainable garments and products.


Our goal is to support communities by leading initiatives including: Supporting girls and womens sport through inclusive programs, provide coach support to develop more inclusive experiences for their players/teams, investment into Indigenous communities, investment into promoting a healthy community by getting more kids active through sport, etc.


Our Recycled Polyester option called EcoFlex, is an available option with our Tee Shirt, Polo, and Singlet range. There is no difference in the look, durability, and quality of our other material options.