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Struddys Sports - From the Beginning

  Ross Strudwick, founder of Struddys Sports in 1975, is an extremely active sports-person, having played rugby league for Australia, Queensland and New South Wales. He has coached first division rugby league and rugby union, both in Australia and Great Britain. His involvement with schools, amateur and professional sport, as an advisor and coach gives him the insight and knowledge to comprehend the needs and wants of all levels in sporting activities.

  Ross opened his first retail outlet in Sunnybank, Queensland in 1975 and while his football commitments had him away from the retailing, with his family helping he managed to build Struddys Sports to a highly respectable name in the sporting world.

  In 1980 Chris and Catherine Strudwick became partners in Struddys Sports, and with Ross’ wife Lisa, Struddys Sports took on a much higher profile. The Struddys Sports name became strongly recognised through the concentrated marketing efforts in the retail sector as well as the school and club market. Having gained a greater market share hence greater buying power, a successful profitable model was established and repeated in further outlets.

  In 1994, there was a need for expansion while not losing the tight integration of a powerful group image already established, together with developing a unit customer policy and an alignment with the best management policies. Struddys Sports is a family company and will continue to be orientated in this way to achieve a cohesive business approach for all involved.

  The Directors researched for new and better ways to boost the groups collective performance, eventually formulating a strategy based on providing a comprehensive package of small business support services - a strategy which would ultimately evolve into the Struddys Sports franchising concept.

Historic Rugby League Footage featuring Ross Strudwick

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